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Top & Best Electrolux Winery Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electrolux Winery: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we will talk about one of the best options on the market for storing and air conditioning wines: the Electrolux cellar.

Signed by the brand of undeniable tradition and quality, the Electrolux cellar models stand out for their beauty, modernity, and wide variety of configurations. They are the ideal option to store your wine collection properly, always keeping them at the ideal temperature and conditions for consumption, with class and elegance.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Electrolux wine cellar for your home.

First, the most important

  • The Electrolux cellar is the practical solution for those who want to store the bottles in the correct position with charm and sophistication, with the advantage of also maintaining the ideal climate and temperature to preserve the characteristics of the drink.
  • Some of the variables that must be evaluated for the best choice at the time of purchase are: capacity, model, finish, display and temperature range, among other characteristics.
  • It is possible to buy small Electrolux cellars from R $ 650. Prices vary according to the product’s cooling capacity and form. The most sophisticated models, for a larger number of bottles, can exceed the value of R $ 15 thousand.

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Ranking: The 4 best models of Electrolux winery

Keeping the wine in a place of constant and adequate temperature, without incidence of light and smells, is essential to guarantee its quality.

Air-conditioned cellars are the solution to avoid the risk of spoiling the drink due to improper packaging. Check out our selection with the best models of Electrolux winery:

Buying Guide

A good wine is ideal to accompany pasta, pizzas, risottos, meats and a multitude of other dishes. But for the wine to harmonize perfectly with each recipe, choosing the right grape is essential.

Most importantly, it is to serve the drink at the appropriate temperature. To ensure that your wines are always tasted at the ideal temperature, the Electrolux cellar is the perfect product.

Continue with us to learn everything about this product which is the best way to store and acclimate your wines at home.

What is the Electrolux winery?

The Electrolux cellar is a product specially developed to guarantee the adequate storage and constant temperature of the wines, which is essential for the conservation of the drink, extremely sensitive to heat and excessive light.

Did you know? Founded in 1919, the Swedish Electrolux is the second largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world in units sold. Present in 150 countries, the brand sells more than 40 million products per year.


What are the differentials of the Electrolux winery?

The sophisticated design with elegant finishes of the Electrolux wine cellar models allows both the compact and the more robust versions to be installed in any type of environment, harmonizing perfectly with any style of decoration.

Exuding sophistication, the brand’s models are available in versions with compressor and thermoelectric cooling. They have internal lighting, which allows perfect visibility inside the product, so you can choose your wine without having to open the cellar door.

In addition, double tempered glass doors guarantee the best thermal insulation for your wines, and protect them from radiation that can damage them. The brand’s products are quiet, even in versions with a compressor, which is not the case with many other brands on the market.

Electrolux offers a 12-month product warranty, in addition to technical assistance and support points in all regions of the country.

Electrolux cellar with compressor or thermoelectric: Which to choose?

Electrolux cellars are available with two cooling technologies: with compressor and thermoelectric.

Thermoelectric cooling is basically a system of ceramic plates that absorb heat inside the cellar. This heat is expelled to the external environment, causing the interior of the product to remain between 10 and 12ºC below room temperature.

This temperature change process, however, can be quite slow. For these reasons, this type of model is not very suitable for regions with the typical  tropical climate.

As the Electrolux thermoelectric cellar manual informs, “it is recommended to use in places with an ambient temperature of up to 25ºC to guarantee a better performance.”

The advantage of these models, in turn, is that, since they do not have an engine or compressor, they are very quiet, and consume very little electrical energy. However, they are not the most suitable for white and sparkling wines, for example, which demand lower temperatures for consumption.

Compressor cooling is more efficient. The system, which is similar to that used by refrigerators – with reduced power – guarantees the real cooling of the internal part of the cellar, without suffering any type of interference from the temperature of the external environment.

Despite the very high cost in relation to the models with thermoelectric cooling, the cellars with a compressor are more suitable and efficient for use in regions with hot weather and subject to constant changes in temperature.

Due to the presence of the compressor, these models consume more energy. The cooling system can also be noisy and generate vibration in the product. Electrolux cellars, however, have technologies that guarantee a considerable reduction in noise and vibrations.

Check in the table below the data comparison between Electrolux thermoelectric cellars and with compressor:

How much does the Electrolux winery cost?

The price of Electrolux cellars may vary according to the model and the capacity of the product. It is possible to find smaller models with thermoelectric cooling from R $ 650.

Larger models, with large capacities, compressor cooling and more sophisticated designs can cost more than R $ 15 thousand.

Where to buy the Electrolux winery?

You can buy your Electrolux cellar in physical stores that sell appliances and small appliances in addition to some hypermarkets such as Walmart or Carrefour, among others.

It is also possible to purchase online – where the greatest variety of product models are available – taking advantage of the convenience of sites such as Amazon in addition to the brand’s own online store.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare Electrolux winery models

Now that we’ve talked a lot about Electrolux cellars and their models, we will list some of the important features in a good product, so you can compare and recognize the best cellar option for your wines. Are they:

  • Size
  • Finishing
  • Display
  • Temperature Range
  • Model

Below we will detail each of these characteristics. Be sure to check out:


Electrolux manufactures cellars with capacities for 8, 12, 24, 29, 34 and 48 bottles. The greater the capacity of the model, the more robust it will be, requiring more space for installation.

The increase in capacity also impacts the value of the product, as well as energy consumption, which will be greater to cool models that accommodate more bottles.

Choose according to your real need, considering the amount of bottles that need to be stored for your daily consumption.


Electrolux cellars are available in versions finished with steel or brushed aluminum, which provides greater durability and resistance to the product.

The doors on all models are made of double tempered glass, which provides the best thermal insulation for wines, in addition to a brushed aluminum finish, which guarantees more sophistication and durability to the product.

Some versions also have a UV protection film, which protects wines from radiation that can damage them.


All Electrolux cellar models have an external display that allows the equipment temperature settings and adjustments without having to open the cellar door, preserving the ideal temperature inside the product.

The most advanced models also have Touch Control technology on the display, which can be activated with a light touch on the display area, eliminating the use of pressure as in other models.

The models also have the function of locking the panel, to prevent the settings from being changed accidentally.

Temperature range

Electrolux cellars are capable of reaching temperatures between 7 and 18ºc, in models with compressor cooling, and 12 to 18ºc, in models with thermoelectric cooling.

The ideal temperature for wine consumption varies according to the grape and the age of the wine. Young red wines should be consumed between 14 ºC and 16 ºC. The most full-bodied between 16 and 18ºC.

Whites should be at 10ºC for young wines and 12ºC for full-bodied wines. Rosé wines follow the same line as whites, while sparkling wines should be served at 7ºC. Choose the temperature range according to the type of drink you prefer.


Electrolux cellars are available in one and two door models, known as Dual Zone. The models with two doors allow the creation of two cooling zones with different temperatures, to freeze different types of wines.

It is ideal for storing white and red wines, for example, considering that white wines should be served at lower temperatures than the others.


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