Top & Best Funko Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Funko: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we will talk about Funko, a doll just 10 centimeters high that arrived to conquer fans of pop culture and the Geek universe.

Bringing characters from films, series, drawings, singers and other iconic beings, this product became an adult’s game and today there are already people with giant collections that delight anyone.

But if you are not familiar with this product and are curious to know everything about it, continue with us because in this text you will find all the information. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Funkos Pop are a line of dolls inspired by Japanese designs created by an American company that has a toy production license from several famous franchises.
  • Currently there are more than 3,000 models of Funkos and all of them have a wealth of details and their own characteristics.
  • One of these costs an average of R $ 70, but there are more exclusive options that easily exceed one thousand reais.

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Ranking: The 3 best Funko doll models

There are Funkos of the most diverse characters and personalities, but there are some that are the best and most appreciated by fans. To find out what they are, just take a look at the Ranking below.

Buying Guide

Gone was the time that doll was a child’s thing. Since the launch of Funkos, adults have returned to this universe thanks to the large number of iconic characters in which they are made.

Having a wealth of details and high quality, Funko became a success, but is it worth investing in these little dolls? In this Buying Guide this and other questions will be answered and at the end of the reading you will decide if you will also join the group of people who love this item.

What is a Funko and how did it come about?

The Pops, or Funko Pops, are a line of dolls manufactured by the American company Funko, founded in 1998 by Mike Becker.

In its appearance, Funko was created aiming to produce nostalgic themed toys. In 2005 it was sold to Brian Mariotti, who signed licensing agreements with companies like Marvel, Hasbro, CBS, FOX, Warner Bros and Disney for the exclusive production of his toys.

Five years later, in 2010, Funko launched the Pop line! Vynil at the New York Comic Com bringing dolls of the characters Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and Joker.

The products in this line have become known worldwide as Funkos and are made of vinyl only 10 centimeters high. They have as main features large cubic heads, well-rounded eyes and small body.

The Funkos line is made up of more than three thousand models, each of which has a number and always brings classic characters from pop culture, be they cartoons, films, singers or celebrities.

An interesting fact about Funko is that about 95% of them have no mouth.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Funko?

For those who are passionate about the world of pop culture, Funkos have become icons. They are dolls with a wealth of details, which go through a production process that values ​​the fidelity of the characters that inspired them.

In addition, they are “toys” of great people who can compose large collections, with the possibility of being used as decoration.

Another positive point is that because they are made of vinyl they are very durable, not to mention that they exist in hundreds of characters, whether they are older or more recent.

For many, the fact that they are small, only 10 centimeters, can be a negative point and thinking about children they may not be the most suitable since they are not recommended for children under three years of age and do not have characteristics to be articulated or emit sounds and lights.

What lines of Funko exist?

Funko has a way to classify its dolls in different lines that have their own characteristics, either by their finish, exclusivity or size. Below you can see what they are:

    • Regular : Regular dolls are the most common to find and are sold in any store in the country of distribution.
    • Bobble Heads : Its main characteristic is the movement of the head, and its neck has a spring that supports and makes it swing.
    • Exclusives : They are created to be sold in stores or more specific conventions such as Walmart, Target, Comic Com and the like. A curiosity about these is that when they are purchased they receive a stamp showing that they were purchased in that specific place.
    • Diamond : This is the newest line of the company and brings dolls coated with a special glitter, which alludes to the diamond.
    • Flocados : Flocados are one of the most different because they have a velvety suede texture, giving the impression of hair. Funkos of this type are produced for animal characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Simba.
    • Super Sized : They are of the regular line, but have a slightly larger size than the traditional one, measuring about 25 centimeters.
    • Chase : This is the line in which the company places a doll with different characteristics in a given lot, whether it has extra accessories, different clothes, be metallic and the like.
    • Rides : Are those who have any accessory, be it a car, motorcycle or other means of transport. In them the doll has a regular size and the accompanying size is super sized.


There are also those that are made as a keychain in even smaller size and that can be placed on the keys and taken anywhere.

What are the rarest Funkos?

As well as the entire universe of collectible pieces, there are Funkos that are part of special editions or that had lower runs. Any Funko that costs more than $ 30 can already be considered rare, but those at the top of this category have a much higher price, they are:

    • Freddy Funko Frankenberry Metallic (Funko Collection # 01): About $ 2,160;
    • Funko Darth Maui (Star Wars Collection # 23): Approximately $ 2,050;
    • Funko Metallic Ghost Rider (Funko Collection No. 24): About $ 1,760;
    • Toy Story 3 Funko Lotso (Disney Store Collection # 13): About $ 1,590;
    • Funko Dumbo Clown (Disney Store Collection # 50): Approximately $ 1,410.

How much?

Funkos are products imported, so they can have a very variable value.

An average price that can be established for these dolls in size and regular line is around R $ 70. However, those of special and rare lines can easily exceed one thousand reais.

Where to buy?

The internet is the best place to buy a Funko since there are dozens of sites that sell this product and some that we can mention are: Amazon.

In physical stores it is possible to find them in products aimed at the Geek universe and in some that sell imported toys.

It is also possible to acquire the options that are in our Ranking and for that just click on the one that you  the most and you will be directed to the place where it is for sale.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare Funko models

This line of collectible dolls that many people liked is really cute and if you are determined to buy yours, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We have separated the main points that you should take into account when choosing one, they are:

  • Funko type
  • Size
  • Originality
  • Accessories

Check each of these criteria in detail now.

Funko type

Remember that we explained that Funkos belong to different lines with different characteristics? Defining which one you like best is a way to start the tiebreaker.

The regular dolls are the most standardized and also a great option, but if you are looking for something different you can purchase those from the Flocado, Diamond, Bubble Heads and even the metallic lines.


Regular Funkos are about 10 centimeters high, but there are also super sized ones that are around 25 centimeters.

It is possible to acquire several smaller ones and only a few larger ones of the characters that they like the most to highlight and another option thinking about children is to buy a super sized one that is more palpable and easier to play with.


Like all other things that are a hit with consumers, Funkos have also received their pirated versions and in order not to be fooled it is essential to make sure you are buying an original model.

The first step is to check the box, which must have excellent print quality and be laminated. In the original, the part that surrounds the doll is made in an exclusive format for him and contains a number engraved on a label, printed or in low relief at the bottom.

Another issue is that every Funko has a serial number written on the soles of the feet or at the base of the head near the neck. There is also data on the franchise to which it belongs, year of launch and the company’s website.

Talking specifically about the doll it is worth checking if it has differences in color and wrong positioning of paintings and sizes.

In addition, paying less is always an advantage, but if the doll that costs R $ 70 is R $ 25 is a warning of piracy.


Regular Funkos often do not have additional accessories and at most the character accompanies a weapon or something typical.

If you are looking for an extra plus you can think about purchasing a model from the Rides line, which accompany cars, dragons and other means of transport in a larger size.

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