Top & Best Shower Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Shower: How to choose the best in 2022

Welcome to Today we are going to talk about the shower, an essential object in people’s daily lives.

The best shower is the one that unites four characteristics: it promotes a pleasant and relaxing bath, has a beautiful design, good value for money and is suitable for the design of your bathroom.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about showers: what models exist, modes of operation, installation, what features you should take into account when purchasing and much more. Come on?

First, the most important

  • There are six types of showers: electric, gas, electronic, multi-temperature, hybrid and pressurized. Another model of “shower” is the shower. Although it is considered a separate device, the function is the same.
  • Choosing the right shower involves analyzing some characteristics such as power, resistance, model, shape, voltage, whether or not there is a pressurizer and whether the brand is worth it.
  • When buying a shower for your home, give preference to models of brands already established in the market such as Lorenzetti, Hydra, Corona, Deca, Cardal and Fame. A shower can cost from R $ 40 to R $ 2,000.

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The best shower models: Our choices

Bathing several times a day is a cultural habit for Brazilians, although this is not a common practice in other countries. It is not for nothing that you can find showers for all tastes and pockets. To help you choose, we have selected the best ones for this ranking.

  • An option with shower and shower mode
  • An option well evaluated by designers
  • A minimalist design option
  • To light up the bath


Buying Guide

Bathing is no longer just a habit of personal hygiene and has become a daily relaxation session. After all, there is nothing better to invigorate your body and mind after a long day at work, than a good shower.

The bath helps you to relax and rest, reflect on moments lived, situations to be analyzed and decisions to be made. And why not make this moment even better with a good shower !?

What exactly is a shower and what are its advantages?

The shower is one of the most used household equipment in everyday life, after all, it is with it that you will perform your daily hygiene, perform your ritual of care with yourself and even relax.

Although there are seven different types of showers (we will detail each one in the next section), they all have the same function. In the shower, the water falls upright, because the appliance is attached to a pipe in the wall or ceiling.

Despite representing a good portion of the electricity bill (if the model is electric), the shower is more economical in water consumption, because as soon as you turn on the tap, the water will come out at the desired temperature.

Water pressure varies, most models have a low pressure (in this case, you can install a pressurizer or buy a model with this feature), but some have medium or intense pressure.

Water pressure not only makes bathing much more pleasurable, it can provide a relaxing massage on your back, making your bath even better.

What should be analyzed before choosing a shower?

Before buying a new shower, you need to analyze the hydraulic structure of your home, the water pressure and which heating system you want to adopt (electric, gas or solar).

Pressure is the force with which water passes through the pipeline until it exits the shower. This feature will greatly influence the type of shower you will buy. If your water tank is too close to the shower and the pressure is low, it is worth buying a shower pressurizer.

The heating system will depend on the plumbing in your home and the type of shower you want to install, which can be: electric, electronic, thermostatic, digital or ecological.

What types of shower are available on the market?

Among the different types of showers available, there is certainly an ideal model to accompany you in a nice and relaxing bath. But with so many possibilities you must be in doubt as to which shower is right. Let us know in detail each type of shower.

Electric shower

The electric shower is the most popular model among Brazilians, for two reasons: lower price and easy installation (just fix it on a pipe or directly on the wall using a power point).

What heats the water is an internal mechanism called a resistance, which is activated automatically when the shower is turned on. The simplest models have temperature control with three or four options.

In some cases, the electric shower can be inefficient, so always check the technical aspects like wattage and voltage. Because of the electrical energy used to heat the water, the flow (water outlet) is usually lower.

The intense use of the device can raise energy consumption to extreme levels, so be aware of the temperature marked by the selector switch, because the hotter it is, the more expensive the electricity bill becomes.

The electricity bill is also more expensive during the winter, as it takes more energy to heat the cold water that comes from the plumbing.

Multi-temperature shower

A more modern version of the electric shower is the multitemperature model, which offers temperature control, making the bath more practical, as you will not need to adjust the register before washing.

The multi-temperature shower can be easily adjusted, but it is necessary to turn off the device every time the temperature changes, otherwise it may burn. It usually comes in cold, warm and hot temperature or summer and winter.


In the shower, the water falls in an inclined way and with a much more intense pressure. Although they are more common in outdoor areas, many people adhere to this model in the bathroom inside the house.

But for this, it is essential that a suitable design is made for the bathroom, as the shower needs to have a greater distance from the water tank because it offers stronger pressure.

The shower heats the water through an external gas-fired heater (you can place it in the service area of ​​the house). This model can be installed directly on the wall or ceiling and does not need electrical wiring.

Electronic shower

The electronic shower makes it possible to gradually adjust the temperature, by mixing hot and cold water. With this device, in addition to reaching the ideal temperature, there is a greater savings in electricity.

The best thing is that, unlike the electric shower and multitemperature, you will not need to turn off the shower to change the water temperature. Because of all these advantages, the electronic shower is one of the best selling models today.

as shower

The shower powered by gas, at first glance, may seem a more economical option, but this is not always true, as this fuel can generate a high cost to the consumer.

One advantage is that it works even when you are without power. Another advantage is that if you live in a building with gas plumbing, the price is probably included in the value of the condominium.

Hybrid shower

The hybrid shower can have three forms of operation / heating: electric, solar or gas, all of which are electrically operated and the other form of operation varies from one model to another.

Also known as a flex shower, this model is electrically operated until the water reaches the ideal temperature, after that, the electric resistance is turned off and the heating starts to be done by solar energy or gas.

In this way, you can take advantage of solar energy in the summer (if you have the capture panels on the roof of your home) and electric energy only in the winter.

With the popularization of solar energy, the shower flex should be one of the most used models in the future, as this device provides an optimization of resources and represents savings of up to 40% in the electric bill.

Pressurized shower

The pressurized shower is suitable for homes where the water pressure is low. Usually houses on the ground floor or that have the water tank very close to the device (up to five meters above).

The pressurized shower increases the water pressure through an internal or external pressure system.

As there is a higher flow of water, the consumption of electricity and water also increases. Therefore, only buy this model if you really need to increase the water flow and pressure.

But if there’s no way for you and the shower needs to be a pressurized type, an interesting alternative is the electronic pressurized shower, which allows you to adjust the temperature and water pressure.

But after all, what is the best type of shower?

The answer to that question is: it depends! To make the best choice you need to take into account three aspects: your comfort, the structure of your home and which model is the most economical.

Sometimes you need to invest in a more expensive shower in the store, but one that will provide greater savings in the long run.

The use of the shower will be daily and the frequency can be high (depends on the number of residents in the house, and how many baths each person takes per day), so do not choose showers that are too cheap, unconventional, or that have nothing to do with the structure of your home.

How much does a shower cost?

You can find electric showers very cheap, for about R $ 40 and, although these models are basic and made of plastic, they are very efficient and of good brands.

The most refined models cost between R $ 300 and R $ 500, but among these options you can find showers that even play music during the bath. If you want a sophisticated model, with LED lights, the investment can reach R $ 2,000.

Where to buy a shower?

You can find several shower model options, from different brands, in construction material stores.

If you prefer, you can buy from the comfort of your home, over the internet, in virtual stores of the brands that manufacture the showers or in larger e-commerces such as Amazon and e-Bay.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different shower models

The choice of a shower should be made carefully and based on a lot of research, because among the various options, there is a perfect model for your needs and preferences.

But don’t worry, choosing a shower will become simple once you know what features to look at when purchasing:

  • Power and voltage
  • Operating systems
  • Type of installation
  • Format and size
  • Style
  • Jet type
  • Valves
  • Extra features

We will explain each of the items, so that you don’t have any doubts and make the purchase right. Although there are many criteria, you will find that they are all interconnected.

Power and voltage

For a more durable and powerful shower, choose one greater than 5400 watts.

The cheapest showers and with the lowest power consumption have power below 5,400 watts. Although they are advantageous in these aspects, they burn more easily.

If you are looking for a more durable and powerful shower, choose a model with power greater than 5400 watts.

Also note the voltage, which can be 110/127 volts or 220 volts. Choose a model suitable for the electrical current in your home. The bivolt models have different powers, according to the current used (example: 7800 watts in the 220 volt version, and 5500 W in 110 v).

Operating systems

In addition to the traditional electric shower, there are showers with electronic, thermostatic, ecological and even digital operation.

The digital shower allows you to precisely control the temperature, the water flow and the type of jet, all through the wireless panel that can be manipulated remotely, via a remote control or smartphone.

This type of shower also has multiple programs and functions. You can, for example, leave it in the heated model, and the water stays at your preferred temperature until bath time. See in this example of digital shower:

The ecological shower limits the flow of water that will be released during the bath, with a reduction of up to 50% in the use of water, when compared with the conventional shower. This model keeps the temperature constant.

The thermostatic shower has strict temperature control and keeps it constant during the bath. Once you reach the desired temperature, the shower will maintain it, making it an excellent option for the elderly or children.

Type of installation

Wall-mounted showers are the most common models. The longer the tube, the greater the distance between the jet and the wall, so consider the space that can be reached and the size reserved in the box.

The ceiling models demand a better structured design, as they require the hydraulic installation and the pipe to reach the ceiling, which means that these models need much more space.

Format and size

The spreader, that is, the part with the holes through which the water jets from the shower come out, can have different shapes and sizes.

The size is directly linked to the water pressure dispensed by the shower. Regarding the format, there is a wide variety of options available, from traditional round, to modern square and rectangular.

When choosing the size and shape of the shower, consider the dimensions of the bathroom, especially the bath part, enclosed by the shower. The bigger and wider your shower, the greater the water coverage you will have.


You can also choose the shower according to the style of your bathroom. The most common are in traditional or modern / contemporary style.

If your bathroom is traditional, choosing a new shower will not be complicated, as you will find many options available. A tip is to innovate in the choice of the valve to give a special touch to the bathroom decoration.

Who has the bathroom with modern / contemporary decor, should choose a shower with sophisticated design, such as square or rectangular and minimalist valves.

Types of jets

Among the shower models, there is a difference even in the water jet style, which can be from the traditional style, to the most innovative ones:

  • Massaging water jets
  • Linear jets
  • Addressable
  • Cascade effect
  • Nebulizer effect with clouds and smoke
  • Rain / drizzle effect

If you are willing to spend a little more, choose a model with a different jet, which will give you more comfort when bathing.


When you buy a shower, you also need to think about the type of valve you are going to install. There are two options: the exposed and the hidden valve.

The exposed valve, as the name implies, has all the functional parts external to the wall. The plumbing is connected directly to it, the cost is low and installation is practical. This type of valve can have different shapes, the most common being a bar.

The hidden valve has all the functional parts installed inside the wall cavity and only the controls appear (to turn the shower on and off). This style of valve saves space and is a more modern, but more expensive option.

Extra features

Know the differentials that your new shower can have:

  • Articulation, for you to change the direction of the water jet.
  • With two showers.
  • With chlorine reduction system.
  • With colored lights.
  • That plays music, to make you even more relaxed while bathing.

Again, choosing these resources will depend on how much you want to invest. The more features, the more expensive your shower will be.


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