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Top & Best Mouse Pad Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mouse Pad: How to choose the best of 2022?

Welcome to Today you will discover which are the best mouse pad models available in the Brazilian market. In recent times, technology has evolved a lot. The mice can now be used without any support under it. Thanks to this, many people ended up giving up the mouse pad.

Only this is not always the best thing to do. In many cases, using a mouse pad can improve productivity and the experience of being in front of a computer.

In this article, we will know what are the differences between the main types of mouse pad and what you should take into account so you don’t regret it later.

First, the most important

  • There are two main types of mouse pads on sale: hard mat and soft mat.
  • They can be especially useful for people who need a high level of control and precision of the mouse. This is the case for gamers.
  • The quality of the mouse is also important. Only then will the mouse pad function.

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Ranking: The 7 best mouse pad models

For many, this accessory is already outdated. But not quite. In some cases, a good mouse pad can be essential for those who need agility and precision in using the mouse. Therefore, we have listed below some of the best mouse pad models on the market. Choose the one that best fits your needs!


Buying Guide

A computer – or notebook – consists of several parts. And as much as we do not stop to think about it, each of them is of enormous importance for the smooth functioning of the machine as a whole.

This is often the case with the mouse pad. Especially for those who need agility and precision in mouse commands, this is an accessory that can make a lot of difference. Continue reading our Buying Guide and learn how to choose the right mouse pad for you.


What is a mouse pad and what are its advantages?

A mouse pad is a kind of mat that has the function of enabling the mouse to be used more easily. It was created to make the scrolling of this device more natural. It is that in the past the mice used by computers had a rubber ball that needed to rotate.

Nowadays, mice are optical, that is, they have LED or laser sensors that capture the movement and transmit it to the screen. Thus, many do not even need contact with a surface to function.

The mouse balls are left behind. But for those who need more precise control of movements, a mouse pad can be quite useful.

A mouse pad is useful for gamers, who need precision and smooth sliding of the cursor on the computer screen.

Technology has evolved and today mouse pads give users the ability to make the same movements with less force or less repetition. This allows people who use the computer to play games to be less tired.

With a mouse pad with texture and suitable surfaces, the cursor can move more precisely, without slipping or locking.

Why is a mouse pad so important to gamers?

An important point to pay attention to is to know what use will be made of this product. If you are a gamer or spend hours in front of a computer, the product may be important to you.

A mouse pad serves to provide more stability and precision of movements for the computer’s cursor. That is, the movement you make on the mouse is exactly the same as that which appears on the screen.

Anyone who is a gamer and usually spends hours having fun, knows that the more control you have both movement and speed, the better the performance in the game.

It is common, however, that players forget this very important piece. When it comes to assembling a machine dedicated to this purpose, gamers remember many accessories, such as the mouse, but not the mouse pad.

And the performance of the mouse can often be impaired due to use on an unsuitable surface, such as directly on the table or on a sheet of paper.


Mouse pad hard mat or soft mat?

Today on the market, there are mouse pads developed specifically for this gamer audience. In general, they are more robust accessories, which count on a technology made with the needs and uses of these people in mind.

When choosing which product to buy, see what material it is made from. Some mouse pads cannot be folded as they have a hard surface. Thus, the hard mat models are more suitable for those who do not intend to move with them or transport them from place.

Some other models have a flexible and flexible surface. They are known as soft mat. They have a slightly shorter life span, as unevenness may appear at the top. On the other hand, they can be transported without risk of damaging the accessory.

Is it good to have a good mouse pad if my mouse is bad?

Mouse pads serve an important function. But they, of course, are of no use without a powerful mouse. So, if you’re looking for more control and speed, see if your mouse supports it too.

The ideal mouse needs to have a high degree of sensitivity, which is reflected in the DPI (Dots Per Inch) rate. The higher this number, the shorter a movement needs to be for recognition to appear on the screen.

In addition, response time is a factor that deserves attention. Ideally, the peripheral should allow customization of these values. The weight and number of buttons are characteristics that must also be observed when purchasing a mouse.

A mouse pad is useless without a good mouse. Mouse and mouse pad must work together.

The ideal is to invest in both equipment. The mouse and mouse pad make a perfect match and can improve your performance in front of your computer.

How much?

Several factors determine the price of a mouse pad. The values ​​will vary depending mainly on the size and the material from which it is produced. The values ​​of the best-selling products vary between R $ 30 and R $ 90.

Where to buy?

Mouse pad models are sold in computer stores and can also be found in retail chains. On the internet, you can find more model options. There are options in all major retail stores. Some options: Amazon.

Purchasing criteria

Buying what is not useful or what you don’t need means throwing money away. So, it is best to analyze all the details before purchase. So, you choose what is most appropriate and do not regret it. When choosing which mouse pad to take home, consider the following points.

  • Use
  • Material
  • Surface
  • Size

We will talk about each of them in sequence, so that you can make the best choice when purchasing your mouse pad.


As we already said, mice have evolved very technically in recent years. Until the 1990s, having a mouse pad was essential. After all, that little rubber ball needed a specific surface to run smoothly.

It’s not like that today. Mice work much more intelligently, thanks to the adoption of technologies such as LED and laser. That way, in some cases, the optical mouse doesn’t even need to touch anything for the cursor to slide on the screen. So, the purchase of a mouse pad should be considered depending on its use.

A mouse pad can be useful if you are a gamer who needs as much precision as possible when moving the mouse. In games like FPS (First Person Shooter), for example, the target change occurs quickly. This requires the player to react quickly when aiming at the opponent.

With the right mouse pad, your mouse will be able to function at full capacity. The accessory is also quite suitable for those who spend long hours working on programs that use the cursor.

With the mouse pad, the movements are more precise and, therefore, the effort made with the hand tends to decrease. In such cases, this product can bring more comfort and avoid problems such as RSI (Repetition Strain Injury).


Choosing the material from which the mouse pad is made is much more than a personal preference. Depending on what it is made of, the user experience in certain aspects benefits.

Currently, there are products made from two types of material: the hard mat and the soft mat.

Soft Mat

This type of mouse pad has a smooth surface. It is the most common and known. Composed of flexible material, these models are covered with microfiber fabric. Because of this, they allow a smooth slide of the mouse.

Another positive point is that products made of this material provide more comfort for the user. The wrist can be supported properly. As it can be folded, it is the ideal type for those who need to transport the equipment to games competitions, for example.

These models have a rubberized finish and the base is glued or sewn to the surface. Eventually, with use, these parts may separate if the product is not of high quality. Another problem can arise with time: due to malleability, unevenness can appear on the surface and affect the reading of the mouse.

Hard Mat

These models have a hard, non-malleable surface. They are also known as rigid. The surface is completely flat. For that reason, errors in tracking the mouse hardly happen.

The Hard Mat type mouse pad has a longer life.

Some products are covered with aluminum and are resistant to friction. The lifetime of this product is high.

As they are hard products, a recurring setback is the wear they cause on the underside of mice. It is common for this to happen because of frequent contact.


In addition to the material, another point worth checking is what type of surface best suits your needs. There are two types: Speed ​​and Control.


This surface makes the mouse slide more easily. Those who use this type of mouse pad have the impression that the mouse is lighter. It is a smooth surface indicated for those who want to have greater freedom of movement of the mouse.


The control mouse pad has a more rough, textured surface. When moving the mouse, the user feels greater resistance. It allows, as the name says, a more precise control of movements.


Despite the name, the mouse pad can also be used as a keyboard support. A large or extended version is especially useful for those who play games where a lot of movement is required.

Thus, keyboard and mouse do not lose stability. Larger versions of the mouse pad are more expensive. Then, analyze if the investment is worthwhile.


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