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Top & Best Weight Vest Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Weight Vest: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about weight vests. If you are thinking of buying one, you have accessed the right page. Wearing a weight vest during your aerobic or functional training can increase your strength and endurance, in addition to improving your cardiorespiratory activity and assisting in weight loss.

To help you find the ideal weight vest, we made this article with everything you need to know about this type of accessory. But remember, before using the equipment, consult a physical education professional to check the ideal weight for your training and your body.

First, the most important

  • The prices of weight vests can vary widely. This difference in values ​​is related to the quality of the materials used in the production of the equipment.
  • Weight vests are sold with different weight capacities, such as 5 kg or 10 kg. The load used in your training will depend on your body mass and type of activity to be performed.
  • This type of equipment can be used in different activities, such as aerobic exercises and weight training, crossfit and physical preparation.

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Buying Guide

Weight vests are gaining more and more importance in gyms and fitness studios. This is because they are a great reinforcement for almost all types of training. But do you know how to choose the ideal one for you? Keep reading, find out and soon you will be training with your brand new vest.

What is a weight vest?

Weight vests are accessories, increasingly common in the gym and widely used by crossfit practitioners, which serve to increase the strength needed to perform each exercise. They are used on the torso, as a vest, in fact, and add load to the body of whoever is wearing it.

This type of vest can be used in many exercises, such as:

    • Trails
    • Hiking and running
    • Squats
    • Sit-ups
    • Burpees

Some vests have the option of adding or removing weight, so you can adjust it to the desired intensity for the exercise. The more experienced the athlete / gym goer, the more weight can be put on the vest.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the weight vest?

In search of increased strength and endurance, improved cardio respiratory activity and weight loss, gym goers and crossfit practitioners are increasingly wearing weight vests during their workouts.

This equipment can bring great health benefits, such as improved posture, gain in agility, increased strength and endurance, in addition to generating gains for cardiorespiratory activity and assist in weight loss with a greater burning of calories during training.

With this, more and more manufacturers and distributors of this type of product are appearing on the national and international market. But it is still difficult to find evaluations and information about the quality of this equipment and how they can help you.

Many people do not seek professional guidance to decide what weight to use during activities. Which is a big mistake, since overloading can result in injuries, bringing losses instead of benefits for the amateur athlete.

Check, below, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of using a weight vest in your training.


  • Benefits to the body and the cardio respiratory system
  • Models For all pockets
  • Can be used in different modalities


  • May increase the feeling of heat
  • May cause injury if used incorrectly
  • Some do not adjust well to the body

What should I pay attention to when choosing my weight vest?

When buying your weight vest, evaluate the type of material used in its manufacture and also if the equipment has devices that provide a good fit to the body. Also, take into account the maximum weight capacity of the product, which can vary from 5 kg to 90 kg.

After all, as time goes by and your strength and endurance increase, you will probably need to increase the load to improve your results and reach new levels during your workouts.

If you are going to wear a vest for the first time, start physical activity with a minimum load and increase gradually, always following medical advice or from a physical education professional.

What are the health and safety tips for wearing the vest?

In addition to following the guidance of professionals to define your training load with the weight vest, it is essential to be aware of the movements performed while you are using the equipment. Wrong movements can cause potential damage with the extra load of the weight vest.

Possible problems include joint damage, body aches and, in more serious cases, serious injuries that can take you to the hospital and take you away from physical activity for a long time.

The correct use of this equipment, on the other hand, will only benefit the user. Physical education professionals can help you get the most out of weight jackets to help you get the most out of your physical activities.

How much does a weight vest cost?

The value of a weight vest usually varies considerably due to the difference in quality of the materials used in the manufacture of these products.

The prices of the equipment present in this guide, for example, range from R $ 138 to R $ 599. And, depending on the amount of cargo desired, they can be even more expensive, as is the case with vests weighing 10 kg.

Therefore, it is of great importance to do a good research before making your purchase.

Where to buy weight vests?

It is recommended to look for your weight vest in sporting goods stores, where you can try on the equipment and see how it fits your body. Make different movements to test your fit and comfort.

Visiting stores you can find different brands and types of weight vests. And so choose the one that best suits your body, your exercise routine and your taste.

Do not forget to consult a professional before defining the load you will use in your training.

If you choose to complete your purchase or conduct your research in online stores, we recommend that you visit the pages of the physical stores mentioned above and also of the retailers Amazon and Netshoes. These stores offer several weight vests that cater to all audiences with prices to suit all pockets.

Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a weight vest

There are some important criteria for evaluating weight vests. Be aware of these characteristics when researching and analyzing each of the models you find on the market. Here is the important thing to keep an eye on:

  • Weight capacity
  • Material
  • Adjustment
  • Close
  • Design

So that you are not in doubt, check out what exactly you should evaluate in each of these items.

Weight Capacity

The vests currently available on the  market usually have a capacity of 5 kg or 10 kg. But it is also possible to find equipment with loads greater than 90 kg. The choice of your load will depend on your body mass, your strength and the activity that will be performed.

That is why we recommend that you consult a physical education professional or a doctor before starting to use a weight vest in your workouts. Whether it’s bodybuilding, aerobics or crossfit.

This professional will be able to guide you the ideal weight to be used during the activity, helping you to avoid injuries caused by overload and incorrect movements.


Intense activity with constant movement may require you to wear a vest with higher quality material that offers greater durability.

According to the manufacturers, weight vests made with materials such as durable nylon, galvanized iron and Neoprene, usually last longer and offer more comfort to the user during physical activity.

It is clear that the better the quality of the material, the more expensive the weight vest will be. But, depending on your financial condition and need, you can opt for cheaper equipment with good cost benefit.


It is essential that the weight vest fits your body perfectly. Thus you will suffer less discomfort during physical activity and consequently, you will have a higher performance.

The most comfortable vests usually have more than one type of harness, which increases the accuracy of the fit to the body and reduces the feeling that something is getting in the way.

At the beginning of the activities, you may feel that you are wearing the weight vest. But if you have a well-adjusted product, you will soon forget that the weight vest is on your body.


Still related to the adjustment, notice which type of weight vest clasp you like the most. They can be just velcro or have a plastic hitch.

Both are easy to put on and take off on your own, but some models can make this process easier – or more difficult. In the case of vests with velcro closure, keep in mind that they can wear out more easily, compromising the product’s durability.

Have the vests with plastic closures, if possible, test to see if it is easy to handle this little piece.


Although most models are black, it is possible to buy a colored or even printed weight vest. This can say a lot about the athlete’s personality.

Still on the design, some vests even have a pocket, depending on the sport in which it is used can be very useful.

And finally, you must analyze whether the vest was designed to allow you to perspire. Of course, you will sweat a lot with this product, but watch the design if it has more open places for sweating.


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